Project Info:

POSsoft12.0 gives you complete control of your business. With POSsoft 12.0, you will be able to reduce the time you spend on paperwork, eliminate losses resulting from clerical errors or theft and keep your information secure and readily accessible. Some POSSoft 12.0 feature are:

  1. Streamline your selling ability:
  • Quickly ring in items and reduce the time customers spend in line
  • Know how much cash you have at all times
  • Automatically organize your accounting information
  1. Control your inventory
  • Keep track of every item you sell
  • Reduce employee theft
  • Set alarms for when you are running low on supplies
  1. Customize your reports
  • Easily print any kind of report you need
  • Detailed information helps you to determine buyers’ trend
  • Keep track of your profits

POSsoft12.0 can be custom-tailored just for your business and is backed by excellent local support.

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