Plans are laid out for the modifications requested.


The information provided is examined and the most efficient way forward as it relates to modifications are determined and outlined.


The network topology is examined and the best approach to determining how to integrate the software modules with the infrastructure is determined.


Installation and configuration of the software is done in this stage.


Once the implementation has been completed, the integration and testing phases will ensure that everything works to client's liking.


All software must be maintained. The system will have to be upgraded, modified; corrections will be made, enhanced, etc. during this ongoing phase.


Save Money

  • Eliminate Shrinkage
  • Improve Accuracy
  • Get Better Margins

Get More Information

  • Know Where You Stand
  • Better Inventory Management
  • Build A Customer List

Increase Productivity

  • Reduce Paperwork
  • More Efficient Transactions

New Technology

PMSYSTEMS is committed to being a world innovator in software technology. We are continually researching ways to make our software solutions stronger, faster and smarter. Currently, an advanced artificial intelligence system in the final stages of development.

The new 'smart' system will bring you the latest features that will allow you to:

Automatically complete most of your tasks

  • Payroll, inventory, bill payments and purchase orders are among a few of the common tasks that will be done for you. The system will simply ask you to verify your approval of the process so it may proceed.

Forecast future purchases

  • The new system will analyze your complete sales history to determine your buyer trends. It will then suggest what products/services you need and when you will need them.

Diagnose most problems before they happen

  • If there is a 'bug' in a program, it will be detected and corrected before our clients are aware it is there.

Automatically archive dormant information

  • If there is any data in the system that has not been used for some time, the new system will automatically archive it. This creates more space and enables the system to run faster.