Project Info:

Mechsoft12.0 is a quality crafted to be one of the most useful, multifaceted tools in your shop. Designed specifically for small to mid-sized auto repair shops, Mechsoft12.0 brings the power to manage all aspects of your business to your fingertips.

Organize. Save time and money. Drive growth and profits to a whole new level.

With Mechsoft12.0 you can:

  1. Process your work orders efficiently and easily
  • Track the amount of time spent on each work order
  • Keep detailed records of the vehicles you have serviced
  • Turn your estimates into orders and orders into invoices with the touch of a button.
  1. Provide better service to your customer
  • Optional appointment book for more accurate scheduling
  • Give your customers online access to work order status
  • Automatically text message customers when their vehicles are available for pickup
  1. Control your inventory
  • Eliminate overhead from employee theft
  • Know your exact inventory at all times
  • Set alarms that alert you to low supplies
  1. Customize your reports
  • Easily print any kind of report you need
  • Multiple user security levels guarantee protection of your private information
  • Full accounting and payroll functions

Mechsoft12.0 is not a cookie-cutter program. Your program will be specifically tailored just for you. So, schedule a demonstration, tell us what you would like your software to do and we will make it happen.