Project Info:

Salonsoft12.0is an easy-to-use software program designed to make hair salons more profitable. Reduce the clutter and spend less time on paperwork. Eliminate clerical errors and prepare yourself for a life of greater ease.

Salonsoft12.0 allows you to:

  1. Combine your appointment book and financial ledgers
  • Record your client’s history and preferences
  • Effortlessly transfer appointments into ticket sales
  • Automatically text message appointment confirmations
  1. Track your finances
  • Monitor how much cash you have at all times
  • Record, print and balance your checks
  • Easily complete all of your payroll and accounting functions
  1. Manage your inventory
  • Track your stock at all times
  • Create customized reports to determine buyer patterns
  • Reduce losses from employee theft

Salonsoft12.0 can be tailored just for you and is backed by excellent local support.

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