Factory Management Software (FMS) 12.0
Project Info:

Factory Management Software (FMS) 12.0 is crafted to handle the unique and dynamic needs of a production environment. It allows for effective and efficient inventory management whilst tracking pertinent information related to processing, sales and human resources management. This software is fully customizable and may be further altered to suit your needs. Some features include:

  1. Production Classification and Time Tracking
  • Automatically generate of barcodes and batch numbers to identify and track products
  • Track production losses due to spoilage, waste, testing etc.
  • Record the time taken for process stages involved in the production of the good.
  1. Report Generation
  • Track sales and associated parameters using customizable report formats
  • Assess production levels over desired time periods using customizable summary reports
  1. Human Resource Management
  • Optional module allows you to generate employee profiles
  • Perform appraisals and affix documents for each employee
  • Integrate with optional Payroll module to generate pay slips.